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Salmon goes to the dogs

FranktitudeFranktitude, Miami’s newest hot dog dining sensation, offers a one-of-a-kind twist on a traditional favorite.

Miami, FL – Time to say goodbye to pork and pork-beef combined hot dogs. Someone in Miami plans to send those wieners upstream.

“America sells more hot dogs than anywhere else in the world,” said Ari Wurmann, CEO of Franktitude, South Florida’s first gourmet hot dog chain. “Why do they have to eat boring?”

A native of Chile, Wurmann says his country is one of the biggest salmon exporters in the world, and Chileans relish a type of frank found only in their country – the salmon dog.

The Franktitude CEO managed to convince a Chilean company that produces salmon franks to give him exclusive rights to American distribution. But don’t expect to find them at your local supermarket, ballpark or airport yet. For now, they’ll only be available at Franktitude, which will open five locations by the end of 2006.

Wurmann predicts the introduction of the salmon dog will parallel the genesis of the sushi craze back in the early 1980s.

“You will see surprise on their faces when they see this pink dog,” he said. “It looks and smells like salmon. But, like sushi, once people try it a few times, they’ll like it.”

Perhaps the best way to enjoy a fish frank is to embellish it with the right accompaniments. Franktitude recommends cradling the salmon dog in a whole-wheat bun and topping it with fresh tomatoes, diced onions, tartar sauce and sesame seeds.

“It’s customary in Chile to offer lots of toppings, as many as 10 to 12,” Wurmann said.

Franktitude will offer as many as 20 toppings that range from non-traditional accoutrements such as hummus, artichoke hearts, wasabi mayonnaise and avocado to standard garnishes like mustard, ketchup, onions and relish.

While Franktitude has developed a number of hot dog combinations, customers are encouraged to customize their franks.

Customers can top their salmon hot dog with fresh tomatoes, fried onions, potato strings and coleslaw for a cool summer treat. Health-conscious patrons can enjoy a salmon frank with low-calorie toppings including diced tomatoes, onions, pickles and black olives –
a fresh and hearty lunch that is less fattening than a traditional submarine sandwich.

From the choice of buns – which include white, whole wheat and poppy seed – to the bevy of toppings, there are lots of ways to add pizzazz to the salmon frank.

But there’s one component in the fish-based frank that is going to appeal to all patrons –
Omega-3. A family of polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3 helps protect against heart disease while promoting brain and vision development. Even the American Heart Association would put its seal of approval on Franktitude’s salmon dog since the agency recommends eating fish at least twice a week.

Though a salmon lunch at a typical restaurant would cost as much as $10, patrons can sink their teeth into a salmon hot dog at Franktitude for a third of the price.

Sure, $3.49 is probably more than they’d spend for a pork-mix hot dog at an umbrella-covered stand outside their office building.

But as Wurmann explains, “People are willing to spend more for healthy options and a nice place. I’m trying to bring a new attitude to the hot dog business.”

There’s certainly nothing fishy about that.


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