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Breathing New Life into an Older Restaurant Concept

Your restaurant should reflect a personality, brand and concept at every point that guests come into contact with it. Even the most innovative restaurant needs a little ďface-liftĒ every now and then. Here are some easy ways to refresh your brand and breathe new life into an older restaurant concept.

Paint polishes the place

Paint can be an easy, quick and cheap way to update the color palate of your restaurant and give the space a sense of currency. When budget is an issue, color makes a bold statement at an affordable price.

Fine tune with features

If the inside of your restaurant seems to lack personality, adding unique features and small personal touches can help it achieve its own individuality. Try adding attention-grabbing finishes to walls, table tops or floors to keep guests intrigued.

A light approach

Another quick fix is to switch out traditional light fixtures for updated ones. This is not only a quick way to create focal points, but will also create a more unique dining experience for guests. When implemented properly, lighting can even create dramatic effects that enhance both architectural and interior elements.

Repaving = revamping

Nothing looks sleeker than a fresh new blacktop. By simply repaving your parking lot and repainting the curb, you can increase your restaurantís appeal from the street without having to undergo a complete overhaul.

Fancy facade

To increase your restaurantís curb appeal and road visibility, create well-lit areas and update exterior design elements and landscaping. Always make sure that your restaurantís name is displayed prominently out front so that diners can easily find you.

Menu makeover

Adding new dishes to your menu can be a great way to revitalize your brand and keep customers intrigued. Just avoid the temptation to be all things to all guests. If a menu item isnít consistent with the personality of your restaurant, it doesnít belong on your menu. You need to deliver a dining experience that is authentic and connected to who you say you are as a concept.

Update uniforms

By outfitting your staff with new restaurant uniforms, you can update the look of your entire restaurant. Just as restaurant design trends change over time, so do clothing trends and you donít want to appear outdated. Remember that each member of your staff serves as a walking representative of your brand.

Creative platform

An updated creative platform can be implemented throughout your restaurant by applying it to menus, napkins, to-go materials, etc. A creative platform is more than just a logo; it includes all graphic design elements, such as typography, background style and treatments. All of your restaurant materials should incorporate a consistent creative platform.

Public relations

Public relations and publicity stunts can revitalize your restaurantís image by getting it featured in the news, therefore increasing exposure and prestige. To cut through the clutter and generate extensive exposure, you need a newsworthy story angle.  For example, a celebrity chef cook-off, charity events and other stunts are great ways to attract customers and media attention.

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